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I'm a creature of habit.

Fan: The three of you seem really close, but I was wondering if you could tell us the best quality and most annoying habit of each other. [x]

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I love Derek!!

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Derek Hale doesn’t. I haven’t trusted anyone in forever. Me+Derek=Perfect Match

"They [Messi and Agüero] stayed in the same room. They were the youngests. Everybody was 18 or 19, they were 17. Messi was staying with Oscar before and he was surprised. You can never know what he thinks but his face was like “why did you put me in a room with this guy?” Agüero? He acted like we put him in a room with the God.”

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Messi trying to not cry kills me :/

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Messi, you will always be the greatest player I’ve ever seen.

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leo doesnt need a world cup trophy to prove that he is the best

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Friendly reminder that Messi is still the best player in the world and this changes nothing.

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